Sotheby’s Selling World’s Largest Fancy Intense Pink

On Nov. 15 in Geneva, Sotheby’s will auction the 37.3 ct. Raj Pink, considered the world’s largest known fancy intense pink diamond.

The modified-cushion VS1 brilliant-cut stone carries a $20 million to $30 million estimate. It was named Raj by its current anonymous owner, after the Sanskrit word for king.

The diamond comes from a piece of rough discovered in 2015. It was studied for more than a year before cutting.

The GIA lab, which graded the diamond, called it “astonishing” with “a very bright and ravishing fancy intense pink color.”

Added the lab: “For a diamond to display strong, unmodified pink color like that observed in the Raj Pink is rare, particularly at so considerable a weight.”

In 2010, the 24.78 ct. fancy intense Graff Pink sold for $46.1 million, or $1.9 million per carat.

(Image courtesy of Sotheby’s)


JCK News Director

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