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Can you see the light? The holiday bustle will usher you into the new year in the blink of an eye. What’s first on your 2018 agenda? Perhaps it’s JCK Tucson. The inaugural jewelry event will take up residence at the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa, with an awesome list of exhibitors and a schedule packed with events to enjoy. If you haven’t booked your trip yet, mark your calendars: The show runs from Jan. 31 through Feb. 3, 2018.

Why attend, you ask? Well, if the promise of warmer weather isn’t enough to entice those of you in wintery climates, then read on. Some of our favorite retail stores have shared what they love most about JCK Tucson—and given us good reason to get excited about the upcoming show.

Location, Location
Ten minutes outside downtown Tucson is the JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa, a getaway in its own right and the setting for a pretty fabulous jewelry show (if we do say so ourselves). In addition to comfortable accommodations and an ace exhibition environment, the setting offers you a chance to explore the Sonoran Desert—and savor what just might be the first breath of fresh air you’ve had since the holiday season started.

“I wouldn’t miss the Tucson show for all the world! It’s a fantastic midwinter break—a perfect combination of business and pleasure. I always spend at least a week shopping and catching up with my ‘extended family’ in the trade, finding out what’s new in the world of colored gems, and how prices are trending. I love what JCK is doing at Starr Pass.”
—Hanna Cook-Wallace, Studio Jewelers, Madison, Wis.

“While we certainly buy gems there, we really treat a visit to Tucson more like a wonderful sabbatical/field trip. We use it as a place to recharge from Christmas and the January catch-up, get out of our ‘box,’ meet friends new and old, see how designers and gemstone dealers display in their booths, etc.”
—Rob Hallett, Robert Hallett, Goldsmith, Oakmont, Pa.

“JCK Tucson has a great selection of independent jewelry designers. I attended last year and found several new artists for consideration, and was able to place orders with a couple of our favorites. Unlike most other host cities for trade shows, Tucson is beautiful and relaxed—just what most of us need while making important decisions for our businesses.”
—Betsy Barron, Love & Luxe, San Francisco

“JCK Tucson is a great reason for a getaway to connect with industry friends and vendors, to recap our past year, and to get inspired and make plans for the year ahead. The wonderful, warm weather, and the incredible Saguaro National Park just outside the door from the show makes it the perfect balance of work and play.”
—Debbie Klein, Art + Soul, Boulder, Colo.

The Time is Right
Tapped out after the holidays—mentally and in terms of inventory? It’s the ideal time to go to the show. A burgeoning list of jewelry brands and independent designers promises new discoveries and stock for your store. Plus, an intimate, relaxed environment won’t leave you feeling harried. You’ll find two separate ballrooms based on product type, making it easier to get what you need or to browse. There are a number of events to join, too. Don’t worry—they’re low-key. (We promise!) Yoga or a morning hike? Invigorating. Fireside gatherings under the stars? An excellent way to wind down and network at the same time. And that’s just a glimpse of the options awaiting you at JCK Tucson.

“The timing is perfect—the holiday selling season is still fresh in my mind, and orders placed at this time of year allow for springtime test opportunities. JCK Tucson also nicely coincides with nearby Centurion and various Tucson gem shows, so I can check many to-do’s off my shopping list in a few short days.”
—Laura Barringer, Ben Bridge Jeweler, multiple locations

2018, Here We Come
So, pack your bags with business cards and attire for both the show floor and the yoga studio: JCK Tucson is on the horizon. We’re looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces and, of course, a selection of fantastic gems and jewels. What is everyone else looking forward to? Here’s a sample.

“Tucson has long needed a venue for finished designer jewelry, and it’s exciting to read this year’s line-up. My first stop will be Alex Šepkus, then Peter Schmid, Conni Mainne, and Audrius Krulis, all of whose work I have at Studio Jewelers. I have a list of eight other designers who will be at Starr Pass that I want to check out to see if they might be a good fit for my store.”
—Hanna Cook-Wallace, Studio Jewelers, Madison, Wis.

“I am coming to Tucson this year and am thrilled that it coincides with the Gem show! It’s great to discover many new designers while picking up the gems requested by our customers. It’s a really productive and inspiring adventure.”
—Betsy Barron, Love & Luxe, San Francisco

To learn more about JCK Tucson and to register, visit jcktucson.com.

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